Neil Berry, 24, is the brains behind, which allows anyone with a computer to produce their own digital designs or scans as large posters by visiting an easy-to-use website.

Mr Berry and colleagues at Fine Point Document and Print Solutions of Westmead Road, Sutton, have been working on the idea for the past few months, and are now eagerly anticipating the results of their development.

He told the Comet: "This service can be used by any home or business computer user with basic computer skills.

"Whether it be enlarging scans of family photos or creating advertising displays for shops or businesses, will save customers a fortune that would have previously been spent on expensive photographic processes or design agency fees," said Mr Berry.'s sister company, Fine Point, specialises in digital and laser document output and copying in black and white and colour as well as poster output for exhibition and display purposes.

Mr Berry added: "E-commerce reaches a much wider and diverse marketplace than traditional methods.

"Although we offer the service to corporate customers anyway, we thought that it would benefit anyone wanting to create their own posters,

if we took the service


Mr Berry hopes other local businesses will follow suit by going on-line to sell their services, but insists that it is important to get themselves a knowledgeable and helpful service provider.

The Printaposter site can be visited at:

Fine Point Document and Print Solutions can be contacted on 020 8642 5554.