A joyrider who vowed to change his ways after killing a student in a 120mph police chase four years ago is back in jail this week after being caught 'red-handed' driving without a licence.

Keith Jarvis, 20, from Cooms Walk in Burnt Oak, was disqualified from driving for six years in 1998 and sentenced to four years in prison.

He ploughed into 24-year-old Sandeep Jain's Renault 5 in a stolen Vauxhall Calibra near Stirling Corner, Arkley, in June 1998.

In a letter to the Times Group written almost a year after the accident, Jarvis begged forgiveness from Mr Jain's family and vowed to turn his life around.

"I can't do nothing about this accept [sic] say I am sorry," he wrote.

"All I have is my mind saying it is not to [sic] late to turn my life of stupidness and grow up to a normall [sic] life, so at least Mr Jain can say I changed my life for him."

Mr Jain, from Mount Road, was thrown from his car and was pronounced dead at the scene.

He had just completed a computer science degree and was on his way to the University of Hertfordshire to discuss two job interviews with his careers advisor.

Lalit Jain, Sandeep's older brother, was dismayed to hear Jarvis was driving around without a licence or insurance.

"It wasn't surprising," he said. "His past record and current record just show what kind of person he is. They should lock him up and throw away the key. It's very difficult to accept, especially for my mother, she's lost her youngest son.

"Sandeep is so sorely missed; he used to put others first. He was fun-loving, never had a bad word to say about anyone, very caring at the same time more than anyone else I know.

"I know he's looking down on us and smiling."

Jarvis was sentenced to nine months in prison at Hendon Magistrates Court on Tuesday after being arrested in November last year for driving while banned.

Hendon magistrates heard that after visiting the Artful Dodger pub in Mill Hill on November 21, he was stopped by police when driving a friend home in his pregnant girlfriend's Ford Fiesta.

He initially told police his name was 'John', but after an officer recognised him, he was arrested. The court also heard that Jarvis was convicted of a drugs-related offence last year.

Sentencing Jarvis, district judge Clive Wiles said: "I do give you credit for the fact that you pleaded guilty ...but you were caught red-handed.

"[The death by dangerous driving] had no effect whatsoever on your thinking. It's the second time you have offended the terms of that sentence. I'm not going to let you get away with that again."

Jarvis fought back the tears and protested as Mr Wiles sentenced him to six months for breaking his parole and a further three months for driving while disqualified.


- June 1998: a 16-year-old Keith Jarvis speeds up the A1 at around 120mph in a stolen Vauxhall Calibra being chased by police. He hits Sandeep Jain's Renault 5, killing him almost instantly. He had previously been involved in two other police chases

- November 1998: Jarvis pleads guilty to death by dangerous driving and stealing a car and is sentenced to four years in a young offenders institute and banned from driving for six years. He is released early last year but is back in court within months for a drugs-related offence

- January 2002: Jarvis is sentenced to a further nine months in jail after driving while banned