I HAVE had dropped in my mailbox a copy of the Liberal Democrat circular Focus on Mark Hall for July-August 2001.

In it is a news item 'Bus Stop News', an item which has been directly culled from the Citizen's letters column.

While I have much respect for councillor Macy, I feel that what he says is no more than what was in the letter from me which was printed two weeks ago.

If he knew any more about the situation he would have added that there is a distinct possibility that the bus stop will disappear altogether. And that the elected representatives of the council knew nothing about what was going to happen to the bus stop when the combined cycle track and footpath was constructed.

I have, for well over a year now, been trying to obtain more information about future plans for the bus stop from the chief executive officer, Doug Patterson downwards without any success. However, near the end of last month I had a telephone conversation and I received a drawing outlining what was going to happen.

Even within the council's departments nothing was known about the possible loss of the bus stop.

It has been decided to name certain bus stops and the one in question was going to be named Felmongers (agenda item, 12(c), Mark Hall and Felmongers area forum, June 26), while I requested it should be called Felmongers Gap.

This is an important bus stop as it serves Feasents Croft as well as Felmongers both areas with a high number of pensioners.

Councillor Macy has an open invitation to attend meetings of the Felmongers Residents Group, being one of our ward councillors.

But he has not attended on a regular or consistent basis.

To now try and claim credit for something over which he has no direct input or knowledge is an attempt to retain his seat on the council next year by making political capital this year.