I am writing to express my shock and disgust at an accident I witnessed at 4.30pm on January 23.

While driving home, approaching the Burnham Road-Temple Hill roundabout, I saw a car coming on the other side hit a young lady who was on a zebra crossing.

She was hit and thrown up onto the bonnet and against the windscreen. Fortunately, she appeared unharmed but shocked and she got up quickly and proceeded across the crossing and down Burnham Road.

The driver in question, in his 40s, then shouted abuse at her across the road before driving off, as if he had not done enough damage already.

Whoever the driver is, I hope he is proud of this behaviour. I wish now I had been less shocked and had turned around to check she was okay.

I cannot understand, whatever the circumstances, how any driver who hits a pedestrian could not stop, offer assistance and enquire after their well-being. I just wonder how he would have felt if his own daughter was involved in such an incident and had to put up with abuse instead of an offer of help. But then would such an individual care?


Great Queen Street