RECENTLY published articles in local and national press with regard to the shortage of police officers find me at a loss to understand the logic of selection of suitable candidates.

Hertfordshire Constabulary recruitment examinations take the following format submitted application forms, physical tests, written tests and an interview board.

The tests and interview board are held on the same day. To progress to the written test, the physical test must be passed.

To progress to the interview board both the written and physical tests must be passed.

The interview board will have the final decision to move the candidate forward for police training.

My son, now aged 29, has so far attempted to join the Hertfordshire Constabulary no less than four times without success.

His work record so far has been years in the leisure industry and the remainder in security.

At the moment, he is working for a security organisation supporting the immigration authorities at a major airport in England.

His first two applications were doomed to fail when he was un-able to meet the education requirements.

Because of this, he subscribed to a correspondence course and studied very hard to achieve the required standard.

Application number three saw him fail at the interview board. During this interview it was commented that possibly he really was not committed to being a police officer.

On this day only one applicant was accepted, even though he was observed to fail the physical tests.

The fourth application saw my son yet again fail at the interview board. At the close of the interview, he was asked what his reaction would be if asked to return in six months.

His reply was "I'll see you in six months." Not a bad answer from a person judged to lack the commitment to become a police officer.

Is he downhearted? He must be, yet he refuses to give in. What of six months time? He will of course try again. Is he wasting his time? It would seem so.

It is my belief that Hertfordshire Constabulary needs to look at its recruiting policy and methods with all honesty.

If candidates are unsuitable, then come clean, say so and give reasons. Do not prolong the agony.

My son is genuine in wanting to serve the public as a police officer.