A run-down community centre at Elstree's Composers Park is set to come to life again with a proposed revamp this summer.

The graffiti-covered building, in Sullivan Way, is only used once a week for bingo, compared to last year when it was used every day by youth, toddler, church and other groups.

Hertsmere Borough Council, which owns the building and Composers Park behind it, estimates that around £90,000 would be needed to revamp the building, including refurbishing the toilets and kitchen and installing heating.

The centre, originally opened as a library in 1966, also has two function rooms and changing rooms, as well as use of the seven-hectare park, which is a recognised site for wildlife with a children's playground and football pitch.

The planned revamp follows a visit to the centre last week, by Hertsmere borough council leader, Councillor Neil Payne, and Elstree ward councillors, Councillor Morris Bright and Councillor Derrick Gunasekera.

Councillor Bright said: "This part of Elstree has been overlooked over the years, and this centre, and the state that it is in, is a good example of that.

"The people of Sullivan Way have a right to expect a decent community hall, and we will work to see if that can be achieved."

Councillor Payne added of the centre: "It is the basis for something that could be very nice.

"We need to look at this as a matter of some urgency.

"If we do not deal with it now, it will deteriorate even further."

The councillors suggested that a local group could run the centre, for use by the whole of Elstree as well as the Composers Estate, for activities by: mother and toddler groups, elderly people, youngsters, bingo-players and weddings.

Cynthia Latham, who runs the weekly bingo club of around 15 players, welcomed the proposal, adding: "It would be a lot more pleasant than it is at the moment with all the rubbish, and the heating is very bad."

The councillors agreed that a formal proposal for the revamp should be drawn up for the council's executive to decide, which, if agreed, could lead to work being done in the summer ready for a re-opening in the autumn.