HARLOW MP Bill Rammell and Harlow Council leader Robert Long have met the town's Muslim community following the terror attacks in America.

The aim of the meeting was to show that those behind the terrorism at the World Trade Centre and Pentagon were not true followers of Islam, that ordinary Muslims are as horrified and opposed to terrorism as everyone else, and that violent attacks on British Muslims as have occurred in other parts of Britain are "unacceptable, racist thuggery".

Mr Rammell said: "I wanted to meet the Harlow Muslim community at this very difficult time to demonstrate that we are one community and that we are at one in our horror and opposition to what happened in America."

He added: "Those behind the attacks in America were not true followers of Islam. Taking innocent life is explicitly against the teachings of the Koran.

"The Harlow Muslims I met are as opposed to what happened in America as anyone else.

"However, despite the solidarity, there are racist elements in society who have seen this as an opportunity to stir up tensions in our communities.

"I want to send out a very strong message that we will not allow this to happen in Harlow."