A THREE-year-old girl who walked out of a Bromley nursery school crossed five roads to reach her mother's workplace.

Fitness instructor Karen Willis, 34, threatened to sue the private nursery attached to Raglan Primary School, in Raglan Road, after her daughter went off during lunch break without anyone knowing on May 13.

Jodie disappeared with a four-year-old special needs boy, who has not been identified, through an unlocked gate at the school car park, in Jaffray Road.

The children then crossed five roads to reach a creche at Jodie's mother's workplace, leisure centre Holmes Place, in Baths Road.

Miss Willis, who lives with the girl's father, structural technician Terry Bright, 39, in Rochester Avenue, Bromley, said: "I have no idea how she knew the way because we only ever drive to the creche."

Following a headcount, teachers realised the two children were missing but made no attempt to contact Jodie's mother. Miss Willis was on her day off. But a creche worker knew Jodie and called the police, who took the children back to the school.

Miss Willis said: "I was glad to have my daughter alive but was in shock for two days and have had sleepless nights because she could have been run over or even abducted."

She added: "I wrote to the school a year ago saying the car park is a vulnerable area and they didn't take any action at all."

The gates are unlocked during the lunch period to allow staff outside.

Miss Willis, who has since transferred Jodie to another nursery, filed an official complaint with Ofsted and is seeking legal advice on whether to sue the school for negligence.

A Bromley Council spokesman, speaking on behalf of the school, said: "Following this incident, the school immediately reviewed its security arrangements and is installing additional fencing and gates to allow the children some freedom to play outside, while ensuring they have no access to the perimeter gate in question."

He declined to respond to Miss Willis's threats to take legal action.