While rats and mice might be unwanted pests, you may still spot them around your garden or inside your home.

Whether you’re trying to identify them or you simply want to know what they’re up to, you might be wondering when the rodents are active.

To help you out, the RSPCA has explained the times of day you’re likely to see them.

When are rats and mice active?

The RSPCA website says that rodents are active during the night however, that’s not the only time you might see them.

Isle of Wight County Press: There are a few different species of miceThere are a few different species of mice (Image: Canva)

The charity explains that if the rodents are living near humans, they will be more likely to go exploring during the day as well.

Rodents can live in a variety of places as they’re good at climbing and swimming.

Which rat or mouse have I seen?

If you spot a rat or mouse, it can be difficult to know which type it is.

The RSPCA has listed the types of rats and mice that you might encounter including brown rats and yellow-necked mice.

You might also spot black rats, house mice, wood mice, harvest mice, hazel dormice or edible dormice.

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You can find out about each species via the RSPCA website.

Brown rats are found across the UK, often near homes, gardens and urban areas. Their bodies grow to around 15-27cm and their tails can be almost as long.

House mice are mostly found in homes and gardens and they can make their way into houses at any time of the year. They are smaller than other types of mice and their tails have less fur than other species.