The one thing about Brits is that we love a cheap pint - and some of us will go to great lengths to find one.

The cost of living continues to affect households across the UK - with the price of a cold one being far from an exception to this trend.

The average cost of a pint of draught lager rose to £4.61 by September 2023, according to the Office of National Statistics.

Just to give you a picture of how much the price of a pint has gone up over the years - the average price of a pint in 2019 was £3.73. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Coventry is reportedly the cheapest city in the UK for a pint. (Getty Images)Coventry is reportedly the cheapest city in the UK for a pint. (Getty Images) (Image: Getty)

Meanwhile, Brits would be paying out 92p on average for a pint at a pub in 1987, according to the ONS.

Whether you're planning a pint pilgrimage of sorts or you're just curious to see where your city ranks compared to the rest of the UK, we have rounded up the cheapest to the most expensive spots for a brewski based on research from Numbeo.

The cheapest to most expensive cities for a pint in the UK

  1. Coventry - £3.45
  2. Newcastle upon Tyne - £3.67
  3. Aberdeen - £3.89
  4. Preston - £3.94
  5. Dundee - £3.94
  6. Sheffield - £3.94
  7. Leceister - £3.94
  8. Reading - £3.94
  9. Bournemouth - £3.94
  10. Southampton - £3.94
  11. Nottingham - £3.97
  12. Cardiff - £4
  13. Leeds - £4.30
  14. Glasgow - £4.37
  15. Nowrich - £4.43
  16. Portsmouth - £4.43
  17. Liverpool - £4.82
  18. Exeter - £4.92
  19. Bristol - £4.92
  20. Cambridge - £4.94
  21. Edinburgh - £5
  22. Manchester - £5
  23. Belfast - £5.17
  24. Oxford - £5.20
  25. Brighton - £5.91
  26. London - £6.10

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Coventry is the cheapest city in the UK for a pint, according to the new map.

It will cost you £3.45 to enjoy a pint on average in the Central England city.

Although the price of a pint has rocketed in recent years, there are still a few cities where can pop in for one and still pay less than £4.

These cities include Newcastle upon Tyne at £3.67 as well as Preston, Dundee, Sheffield, Leicester, Reading, Bournemouth and Southampton all coming in at £3.94 on average.

The only other city to have the cost of an average pint under £4 was Nottingham at £3.97.

On the other side of the scale, the most expensive city for a pint was (perhaps, unsurprisingly) London at £6.10.

Print prices within the capitals of the UK's three other nations also varied with Belfast coming in at £5.17, Edinburgh at £5 exactly and Cardiff at £4.

Other expensive cities for a pint included Brighton (£5.91), Oxford (£5.20) and Manchester (£5).