Tensions relating to the Russia-Ukraine crisis are continuing to escalate, with Boris Johnson planning to place sanctions on the country and the threat of invasion into Ukraine's eastern regions remaining a problem.

Clearly it has spiked interest in Russian President Vladimir Putin's motives and why he is taking the current course of action.

This interest has seen the podcast Putin: Prisoner of Power from 2019 become a trending search term on Google in the last day.

Helping this is that the podcast was presented by journalist and writer Misha Glenny, who has spent time writing about contemporary European history.

He has been a figure who has taken care and interest in writing about Putin and Russia's recent history.

Where to listen to Putin: Prisoner of Power

The podcast is an Audible original consisting of three episodes and can be found on their website here.

You can listen in using a free trial if you do not have an Audible account.

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A summary of the podcast on the website says: "On New Year's Eve 1999, a young Vladimir Putin appeared on Russian TV screens awkward, self-conscious... and the new President.

"Two decades later, Putin is still in power, standing self-assured and at ease on the world stage. How did a once little known KGB bureaucrat become one of the most dominant figures of twenty first century politics?"