Morrison's has revealed its Christmas 2021 advert and it's a fitting festive tribute to our farmers. 

The supermarket is the latest retailer to share its Christmas campaign, joining the likes of Sainsbury's, Aldi and Lidl.

This year's advert focuses on Farmer Christmas -  the other hero of the holiday season.

The 60-second advert celebrates all the hard work that farmers do all year round, especially to help us get our Christmas dinners on the table.

Farmers are not the only key workers to feature in this year's advert either with special appearances from the supermarket's foodsellers and manufacturers too.

We see all the amazing things that our food producers do all year round through the eyes of two children as they explore the North Pole.

The ad forms part of Morrisons' ongoing efforts to support the British farming community.

The supermarket has been offering farmers a 5 per cent discount since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has also committed to only selling 100 per cent fresh British meat and using British flour in its bakeries.

Watch Morrison's 2021 Christmas advert here

Morrisons chief customer and marketing officer Rachel Eyre said:  “Told through the eyes of children, our advert reveals the ‘secret’ of the other star of Christmas – not Father Christmas but Farmer Christmas,”

“It aims to celebrate and showcase all the hard work, skill and dedication that goes on behind the scenes to grow and make the food for Christmas throughout the year.

"From all the British farmers and growers we work with directly, to our 105,000 colleagues who are delivering, stocking, making and preparing fresh festive food, to bring our customers a Christmas feast for their table”.