Leo Varadkar says he would not like to be associated with Conor McGregor’s unlawful actions.

The Irish Premier was accused of snubbing the MMA star last week at a St Patrick’s Day march in Chicago, as critics noted the leader moved further and further away from the sports star upon noticing he was there.

Mr Varadkar confirmed at the time he was not aware the mixed martial arts star would be taking part in the parade.

Leo Varadkar visit to US – Day 4
Irish mixed martial artist Conor McGregor joins Mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel during the St Patrick’s Day Parade (Brian Lawless/PA)

When asked about the incident, Mr Varadkar denied that he avoided the former UFC Lightweight and Featherweight champion.

“I was happy to walk in the parade in Chicago, I wasn’t specifically walking with him,” he said.

“As I understand, he was there promoting his whiskey.

“I was there at the parade at the invitation of organisers representing the country. Conor McGregor was there, I believe, at the invitation of the Plumbers Union.

“Obviously he’s had some trouble with the law in recent months, and I wouldn’t condone or like to be associated with the kind of actions he’s been involved in, which include prosecution in New York and a potential prosecution in Florida.”

McGregor was arrested and charged with robbery in Miami earlier this month after allegedly stamping on a fan’s mobile phone.

In April 2018, McGregor was filmed throwing a steel dolly through a bus window in Brooklyn, which had a number of UFC staff and fighters on board.

Multiple people were injured in the incident, including fellow UFC fighters Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg, who suffered injuries and had to be removed from their scheduled fights.

McGregor reached a plea agreement with the District Attorney. He originally faced a possible 12 criminal charges, including two counts of criminal mischief.

His plea agreement included paying full restitution to the bus company for damages, completing five days of community service and attending an anger management programme.

Mr Varadkar has been accused of hypocrisy after he was pictured with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

During his campaign for governor, allegations of sexual and personal misconduct were raised against Mr Schwarzenegger, dubbed “Gropegate”. The actor has previously admitted that he had sometimes “behaved badly” on film sets.

Mr Varadkar replied: “I’m not sure what you’re referring to, he’s the former governor of California.”