AFRICAN organisations in the borough will benefit to the tune of £14,520 in the latest round of Lottery awards.

Of six organisations presented with Awards for All funds on Thursday last week (Jan 31), three are focused on Ealing's African communities.

The New Hope For The Poor Charity, a charity operating in Africa and around the UK, provides cultural and educational activities for people of African descent. The Acton-based group is planning to use its £4,820 award to run 12-week courses in both African drumming and languages. Co-ordinator Reindorf Oppong said: "We need the money to buy more drums as we already have 20 youngsters waiting for the course to begin. One language course has already started at the Priory Community Centre, in Acton Lane, Acton on Friday nights where we teach children and their mothers to speak Ashanti, the language of Ghana but we have plans to teach seven other African languages."

Africans Unite Against Child Abuse will receive £4,700 to carry out research in the field of African children's rights in an effort to reduce the levels of abuse and cruelty they endure. Further information on the project can be found at

The Somali Youth Union in The Green, Southall will be using it £5,000 award to organise supplementary school classes for Somalian children in the borough.

Other organisations given payouts were: Avenue Park Association (£2,288), Friends Association of Belvue School (£3,960) and Positive Awareness, in Acton (£3,950).