Young girls' day dreams today are probably of wearing fabulous designer clothes, looking fantastic, being a pop idol and with a bit of luck marrying a football star.

Not so long ago another little girl had a dream. She lived in Oxted and when she was 11 she went to the Italia Conti School in London. Louise Elizabeth Nurding wanted to be on stage and dreamed of stardom.

In 1993 that dream came true when she was chosen to be part of the four girl group Eternal. In1995 she went solo and Louise has become a pop idol.

Her stunning good looks have earned her a host of tributes. She's been voted the among the top in many nominations including FHM's Sexiest Woman in the World, Smash Hits' Most Fanciable Woman on the Planet and even an insurance company's Most Popular Dream Passenger!

And if this wasn't enough, yes, she married England and Liverpool football superstar Jamie Redknapp in 1998.

Talking to Louise I jog her memory of Croydon and what was her favourite pastime at weekends shopping.

As a teenager she got to know our town centre pretty well.

"My friends and I would always head for the Croydon shopping malls. I'd go when I had money to buy clothes and make-up, and even when I had no pocket money left I'd still go window shopping," she told me.

Her Changing Faces tour comes to Fairfield Concert Hall on February 25, and while she is busy rehearsing she talks about how her life has changed.

"A the moment I have a stylist who goes shopping for me. She knows what I like and she'll also choose costumes for the stage show," she said.

With the emphasis nowadays on stunning an audience with sexy outfits will Louise be following that trend?

"I put my ideas in, but I'm not gonna shock my Nan when she comes to see me!"she laughed.

With all the publicity about Geri Halliwell's diet regime and the plethora of diets and treatments that keep the stars in shape, what does Louise do to keep looking so good? At 5ft 4ins she is a 27 year old natural beauty.

"The public see me at my best most of the time," she said modestly, "I do get tired travelling back and forth from London to Liverpool, but I take vitamins and just eat healthy food."

"I have a figure' and fortunately no weight problem. Of course I love chocolate or a bag of chips, but then I'll be sensible the next day.

"I think Jennifer Lopez looks terrific. A real woman, it's good to have a bit of shape, she's a very sexy lady."

Her recent chart success Stuck in the Middle With You, a remake of the Stealers Wheel hit, was the key to this latest tour.

"I was doing Top of the Pops at the time with a live band and my manger said How about going on tour?' I love performing live and went for it," she said.

She will have 36 dates in a six and a half week run.

"I'm really looking forward to coming to Croydon, somewhere that is so familiar. The show has dancers and an excellent band. I'm working with a great choreographer and there will be a strong element of dance. The programme is really upbeat, music from right across the board.

"There will be songs from my last album, some old favourites and I've asked the girls from Eternal if I can sing of the hits that started it all for me. They were very happy to let me to do so."

Louise has been watching bits of Pop Idol and has some strong views on the show.

"I think it is a weird process to get into the industry and elevated into fame. I wish them good luck, but this business can really get you mucked up. You never know what the public are going to like."

How does she survive in this fickle, stressful world of pop? "I keep myself to myself. When I shut my front door, I'm just me, a girl from Oxted. I have two younger brothers who keep my feet firmly on the ground. They are into Limp Biskit stuff and find me rather embarrassing! My dad (Tim) has a building company and my mum, Lynne, still works at Gatwick Airport.

"At 27 I'm fairly old in the music industry, but I'd like to make a new album and change direction. And of course Jamie and I would love children at some stage in the future."

Tickets for Louise at Fairfield on Monday, February 25 are priced £15.50 and £17.50 from the box office on 020 8688 9291.