COMEDY star Eddie Large, who died with coronavirus last week, spent a summer as the star of an Isle of Wight holiday show with his partner Syd Little.

Local showbiz writer and broadcaster John Hannam has recalled the night in 1987 when he created a major surprise for Eddie before Little and Large went on stage at Sandown Pavilion.

He knew Eddie was a fanatical Manchester City supporter and he also knew two well- known local characters who also supported the team.

He managed to sneak in with the late Bernie Cullen, a popular local singer and a top footballer with Newport, and controversial councillor Jeff Manners, also a local football referee.

At that time Manchester City were in the second division. 
John said: "Eddie was so thrilled to meet two more ardent fans and they never stopped talking. Poor old Syd Little, as ever, could not get a word in. In fact, he only wanted to say two words -  'Oldham Athletic'." 
"He had no chance with three against one.
John recalls that Eddie's four-year old son, Ryan, was also in the dressing room, and as they left he was singing "Manchester City, Manchester City."
"Eddie Large was one of the nice guys in showbusiness. He was such fun to be with and never stopped doing impressions. They were such a great double act live on stage," said John.
Syd and Eddie returned in 1991 for a second summer at Sandown Pavilion. 
During their Island stay they appeared live on a John Hannam Meets Sunday lunchtime show on Isle of Wight Radio. 
That interview can now be heard on a special podcast to celebrate the life of Eddie Large. 
It can be listened to via all the leading podcast sites, including Spotify, Anchor FM, Apple and Stitcher. 
There is also a direct link from John's website