MIKE Leigh marks the 200th anniversary of the notorious Peterloo Masssacre with an impassioned and unflinching depiction on film.

Catch Peterloo (12A) at Ventnor Arts Club, courtesy of Ventnor Film Society.

They are showing the film twice next week, on Tuesday, then again on Wednesday with subtitles, subject to availability.

Both showings start at 7.30pm.

On August 16, 1819, a crowd of 60,000 people from Manchester gathered in St Peter’s Field to demand Parliamentary reform and an extension of voting rights, only to be fired upon by government forces in a defining moment of British history.

To be sure of a place, email ventnorfilmsociety@hotmail.com, but you can take a chance and turn up on the night.

Entrance is £6, payable at the door, with under 25s just £3.