FIRST-TIME children’s author Jean French was in Waterstones signing copies of her book, Granny Butterfly.
It was a lazy summer afternoon relaxing on the beach last year when Jean had the lightbulb moment which led to writing a book inspired by her late mother.
“Before she died, my mother always said when she did, she would come back as a butterfly,” said Jean.
“So when my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren visit her grave, they always say ‘We are going to see Granny Butterfly’.”
Illustrated by friend Robert Hyde, the books feature characters based on butterflies native to the British Isles.
Jean hopes the books will not only teach children about butterflies but also offer simple life lessons.
The second book, Granny Butterfly’s Birthday, is due to be published in August and Jean is working on a third.
Granny Butterfly is available to buy from Waterstones, Ryde Book Shop, The Garlic Farm, Thompson’s Garden Centre, The Old Smithy, Butterflies of Yarmouth and on Amazon for £5.99.