The Isle of Wight's two new MPs have been pictured together at Westminster for the first time, ahead of parliamentary business starting tomorrow (Tuesday).

Labour's Richard Quigley is in the capital as MP for Isle of Wight West, while Conservative Joe Robertson is there as MP for Isle of Wight East.

Thursday's election saw the pair claim victory in their respective constituencies.

Richard Quigley defeated former MP Bob Seely, with a majority of over 3,000.

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In doing so, he became the first non-Tory MP to be elected on the Island in 26 years — the last being Lib Dem Peter Brand in 1997.

After his win, he said he "couldn't wait to get on with the job."

Meanwhile, Joe Robertson recorded 10,427 votes to beat second-placed Sarah Morris, of Reform UK.

In his first interview as East MP, Joe told the County Press: "It's very exciting, it's a great honour, and this morning I'm also a little weary!" 

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Despite being of opposing parties, the two MPs have previously said they're both happy to work together for the good of the Island.

While at Westminster they will have their inductions and set up their offices.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), when the new Parliament meets for the first time, Joe and Richard will be asked to help choose the Speaker.