A motorcyclist has been taken to hospital with what police are calling serious injuries, following a crash near Whitwell on the Isle of Wight.

As previously reported by the County Press, Whitwell Road/Ventnor Road - the main road between Ventnor and Whitwell - has been blocked for the majority of the morning.

A crash involving a motorcyclist occurred past a set temporary traffic lights, prompting major tailbacks.

The incident led to Ventnor being completely cut off to vehicles for a time.

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Two other routes in and out of the town are already closed.

One of them is The Graben/Newport Road, which is shut due to sewer works.

It means drivers heading to Ventnor are having to go via Whitwell High Street, which is one-way.

Traffic heading out of the town is having to leave via Whitwell Road and then via Niton and Chale.

(Image: IWCP)

Meanwhile, another route in and out of the town - Leeson Road - has remained shut since last December, when there was a major landslip.

It has been confirmed that the stretch of Whitwell Road/Ventnor Road closed following this morning's crash, has now reopened to traffic.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary confirmed a motorcyclist suffered serious but not life threatening injuries.

They have been taken to hospital.

(Image: IWCP)