After vehicles were spotted ignoring the one-way system through Whitwell, Isle of Wight drivers are being reminded of temporary traffic arrangements.

Major work to replace a damaged sewer at The Graben (Newport Road), Ventnor, means the road is shut for at least the next two weeks.

With Leeson Road also being closed, due to a major landslide in December, a significant diversion route is in place.

Motorists should enter Ventnor through Whitwell, via a one-way system.

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To exit Ventnor, you will need to drive via Niton and Chale. 

However, residents of Whitwell say drivers have been ignoring the one-way system through the village.

One person told the County Press they feared it could cause an accident.

A 'diversion ends' sign placed near the church is also adding to confusion among drivers.

The diversion ends sign and in the distance, more of the diversion.The diversion ends sign and in the distance, more of the diversion. (Image: IWCP)

Island Roads said: "We've had reports that diversion signs for the Southern Water work at Newport Road, Ventnor, are being moved or ignored, particularly on the one-way route through Whitwell.

"If signs are moved please report to SW's emergency line 0330 303 0368 and quote WCS5010585."

When the County Press went to check out what was going on, at least eight vehicles drove the wrong way down the one-way system.