A team of Isle of Wight students have emerged victorious in the annual Vestas Engineering Competition.

Island students returned to Vestas for its STEM event, designed to encourage learners to consider exciting careers in engineering.

During the first visit, students were invited to tour the Vestas Wind Turbine Facility and experience first-hand the testing methods used by engineers.

Vestas Engineering CompetitionVestas Engineering Competition (Image: Contributions)

After the tour, students were set their challenge – to design a company and branding, a 3D computer design and produce a printed prototype for review by a panel of Vestas engineers.

Students from all schools returned to Vestas for the final, where they presented their business ideas, designs and challenges as a team.

Each 3D model was stress tested to destruction using sand as a weighted force to push down on the tip of the components.

Taking home the coveted Golden Turbine were overall winners Ryde Academy.