TO HELP ensure hotels and guest houses across the Isle of Wight prepare for the busy holiday season ahead, safety inspectors of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service have been paying them a visit.

Inspectors have been working in partnership with business owners, to ensure all premises they visit meet the latest fire safety regulations — and that their risk assessments are all up to date, to ensure the safety of holidaymakers and staff. 

They visited nine hotels and guest houses on the Isle of Wight over a two-week period, to help them prepare for the holiday season — all part of the rolling inspection programme currently being undertaken. 

Fire safety advice for hotel and guest house owners on the Island

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire Service's protection team is available for advice. Questions can be submitted and further advice obtained via the following LINK.

The inspections resulted in a variety of requirements to improve fire safety compliance for the safety of staff and guests. 

Some common areas of improvement identified during the inspections were the need to update fire risk assessments; fire door provision and maintenance; alarm system adjustments and the testing of fire safety provisions and record keeping.

Many of these issues were addressed and remedied at the time of inspection.

Station manager for protection, Simon Whelan, said: “The holiday season is a particularly busy time on the Island and we want businesses to know we are here to support them and offer advice and guidance, so they can ensure their hotels and guest houses are as safe as possible for their customers. 

“Fire can have a devastating impact on businesses, so it’s vital risk assessments are regularly reviewed and updated to increase fire safety. 

“Our dedicated team of Fire Safety Inspectors work closely with all business owners/responsible person to help them achieve and maintain compliance with fire safety legislation.

"We are always happy to assist business owners to do the right thing.” 

Where any ongoing improvements are required, the fire service will continue to work closely with the businesses involved to rectify fire safety issues identified during inspections.