Newport Rowing Club and Shanklin and Sandown Rowing Club clashed for podium spots at regattas in Ryde and Shanklin last weekend.

As part of the 47th Hampshire and Dorset Amateur Rowing Association Championship Regatta, Shanklin and Sandown Rowing Club battled through choppy conditions southeast of the Ryde Pier Head on Saturday to pick up a win in the Men’s Novice category.

Newport’s Men’s Novice crew had a strong performance to finish third, and out of 11 starters to row at Junior, the Newport Women’s Masters finished sixth.

In Men’s Junior, Shanklin and Sandown were also victorious, and while a difficult lane 11 draw awaited Newport’s team, they fought against tough conditions to finish in sixth.

The following day (Sunday) at Shanklin, the Newport Women’s and Men’s Junior both finished in sixth.

In the best club performance of the afternoon, their Men’s Novice crew were impressive once again.

Newport fought hard to stay in contention with the frontrunners and were not far behind, staying neck and neck with the Southampton Amateur Rowing Club.

As the race came to a dramatic end, they eventually finished in a respectable third.

Cox Mariana Hare led all six races for Newport Rowing Club and kept them competitive.