A spectacular drone show lit up the skies above Portsmouth last night (Wednesday), to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day - and the result was visible as far as the Isle of Wight.

Those in Ryde were able to witness the extraordinary and moving display.

Among the images on show were a Spitfire, a parachute and a battleship.

The display marked the end of a commemoration event held in Portsmouth yesterday, which was attended by veterans and the King and Queen.

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It was also broadcast on BBC.

From the Island, Brigadier Maurice Sheen Vice Lord-Lieutenant attended, alongside armed forces champion, Ian Dore.

A tribute to the fallen was held at both Southsea Common and in Normandy, with those present witnessing readings, light displays and music.

This was followed by the drone show, with the words 'I can remember...' etched into the night sky.

They then turned into silhouettes of a soldier, a boat, a paper aeroplane, spitfire and a parachute.

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After watching the show, one person commented: "I thought the Spitfire was especially brilliant.

"Also watched the programme from the cemetery in France, very moving in parts and had me in tears."

Another said: "The whole evening was emotional especially when the veterans were interviewed.

"The drone display was amazing."

Today marks 80 years since 150,000 Allied Troops landed on five beaches in Normandy, France, by sea and air.

Codenamed Operation Neptune, the Normandy landings made up the largest seaborne invasion in history and played a crucial role in liberating Western Europe from Nazi occupation.