Isle of Wight Police say there have been ‘double-digit’ arrests on the Island in the last 24 hours, from assault to theft and drink driving to indecent exposure.

Just after 3pm, police were made aware of an incident at the Morrisons supermarket on South Street in Newport.

Officers quickly arrived on the scene and gathered evidence from alleged victims and witnesses.

A man was arrested on suspicion of theft, assaulting a member of staff and indecent exposure and will remain in police custody overnight.

Almost an hour later, police responded to a report of an assault in Sandown, where it was alleged, there was an incident between a woman and a man.

Sgt Radford said a woman was arrested and taken into custody.

Other arrests include:

  • A man on suspicion of breaching his bail conditions
  • A woman for an outstanding warrant
  • A man for an outstanding warrant
  • A man on suspicion of assault
  • A man on suspicion of drink driving

Police have also dealt with driving matters, drugs, theft, domestic-related offences, harassment and sexual offences.

Sgt Radford said: “We are a busy Island, a lot of what we deal with doesn’t reach the public domain. 

“As a general member of the public, the Island is a safe place to live and work. 

“Not everyone is arrested, and we deal with the matter in different ways.

"This can include interviewing someone without arresting them or finding a different way for someone to make up for what they have done through a Community Resolution (depending on the circumstances of a lower level offence).”