Parliamentary candidates for the Isle of Wight East constituency have been reacting following news that a snap General Election has been called.

For the first time, the Island is being split into two constituencies.

It follows a review by the Boundary Commission and means there will be two Island MPs: one for the east and one for the west.

For Isle of Wight East, Labour's parliamentary candidate is Sandown Town councillor, Emily Brothers.

A statement on behalf of the candidate said: "The country and the Island are desperate for a General Election, we are fed up with the Tory government and our beleaguered MP Bob Seely not delivering for the Island.

"Our candidate Emily Brothers is ready to fight an election and make the change the Island needs on ferries, the NHS and dentistry, home ownership, education and the environment.  

"With only Tory representation on the Island, we are invisible to government.  

"The General Election can't come soon enough."

For the Isle of Wight Liberal Democrats, Michael Lilley, councillor for Ryde, Appley and Elmfield, said: "Bring It On"

For Vix Lowthion, of the Isle of Wight Green Party and community councillor for Newport Central, a statement from the party said: "The IW Green Party is ready to fight the next general election and we look forward to offering islanders real, meaningful change. After Conservative-led austerity, and frequent flip-flopping from Labour, it's time to vote for what you believe in.

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"Vix Lowthion in the East has already had an overwhelming positive reception when meeting residents since their selection last year. Both Green candidates have a clear plan to deliver for Islanders and the determination to succeed.

"Greens would look to bring the ferry companies into public ownership, protect our seas from raw sewage, bring down bills through a nationwide home insulation programme, and funding back into key public services including our NHS, schools and local councils.

"The Conservatives are highly likely to lose this election. There has never been a better time to vote Green; to elect MPs who truly care about our Island and will hold a Labour government to account. That time is now."

Sarah Morris, Reform UK's parliamentary candidate for IW East said: "We aren’t falling for ‘the plan is working, stick to the plan.’

"They aren’t fooling anyone, 14 years they’ve had to put their plans in place, we have broken systems all around us, failing our citizens every day.

"Today we have seen Paula Vennells give evidence to the Post Office inquiry, the scandal overseen by both Labour and the Conservatives.

"Only yesterday, the blood transfusion victims were being promised pitiful compensation by a government who have been ignoring their cries for years.

"We have also been told today that our prisons are full and that police officers are reluctant to arrest people because the whole system is crippled.

"No one is feeling any benefit in their pocket, so let’s give them the chance to vote for something new. 

"Reform UK will provide straight talking common sense solutions, lower taxes, zero waiting less on the NHS and will stop the boats."

Meanwhile, for the Isle of Wight Conservatives, Joe Robertson, Isle of Wight councillor for Bembridge, said: "In just a few weeks, the East Wight will have a new MP and the Island will have two voices in Parliament. It is an exciting time to reshape our Island's future.

"In the last 12 months I have been knocking on doors, discussing with residents our shared priorities for improving community care, supporting local schools and promoting business and jobs. We will be out talking to residents again tomorrow, in St Helens, my home since childhood, and Ryde, where I went to school."

  • In Isle of Wight West, parliamentary candidates standing are Green Party's Cameron Palin; Ian Pickering, Reform UK candidate; Richard Quigley, of Island Labour; Conservative Bob Seely; Liberal Democrat's Nick Stuart.