Meat sandwiches never go out of favour, do they?

Whether it's ground beef or finger lickin' chicken, people love Burger King, KFC and, of course, the world's most pervasive fast-food restaurant, McDonald's.

Although not technically a burger joint, the friendly team at Dalyan Ventnor provided us with a decent equivalent.

Cat ordered a regular kebab with a side order of chips; as a combo, this turned out to be a very hearty portion. Her chicken shish kebab consisted of pieces of breast meat, tasting like they had been marinated in garlic and chilli, plus a few herbs.

The spices infused the lean meat very satisfyingly, giving it the edge over the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices. And being grilled rather than deep-fried, was a healthier choice too.

We couldn't go into Dalyan without sampling meat sliced from the doner. The vertical rotisserie of seasoned lamb is the symbol of traditional kebab shops.

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This method of cooking the meat gives it a lot of flavour, and we found it delicious. This was a more succulent option than the shish, as the giant cone contains more fat, and other ingredients, than Cat's skewered variant.

Both kebabs were served with a reasonable selection of crispy shredded vegetables: red onion, cabbage, iceberg lettuce and quartered tomatoes.

For dressing, there was a good range of condiments; several mayonnaise options - Cat had garlic - plus sweet chilli sauce, and salt and vinegar for the chips.

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Our meats were succulent and tasty, vegetables commendably fresh, and the chips - although rather generic - were plentiful and hot.

And, unlike a regular chippy, we had salad as standard with our meals.

If you want to concentrate on the meat and greens, we advise ordering your kebab without pitta, and with the chips inside the box, making a very reasonable meal without the surfeit of carbs.

It meant fewer fries and more salad, which we were happy about, yet there was still plenty of food in our compostable carton.

Daylan has been serving up kebabs to hungry Islanders for years.

The service was efficient and, as a side note, the venue has five stars for hygiene.

A decade after our first review (of their Shanklin branch), we are still impressed with this classic fast food.

A very happy meal.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Isle of Wight County Press: