A SERVING prisoner from the Isle of Wight who sent the editor of the Island Echo threatening and unsavoury comments as part of a catalogue of offending, which also included violence and knife possession, had more jail time added to his sentence for burglaries,

David Dunford, formerly of Thornton Manor Drive, Ryde, appeared by video link from HMP Lewes, at the Isle of Wight Crown Court, today (Friday, June 14). 

A serial offender, with a record of 37 convictions for 112 offences, Dunford was imprisoned for 28 months last month for four burglaries, possessing a knife, causing criminal damage and going equipped for burglary.

Added to that, Dunford admitted, at an earlier hearing, assaulting a pub landlord in Newport by beating, possessing a knife in a public place in Ryde and harassing Island Echo editor, Darren Toogood. in September last year.

Regarding the pub incident, at the Castle Inn, on September 9, Dunford was asked to leave after bizarrely harassing pub staff with 'obscure' questions about their taxes and his manner, said Tim Devlin, prosecuting.

When Dunford was being escorted off the premises, he grabbed hold of a beam and wrapped his legs around staff member David Wiltshire, which caused him to fall against a wall.

As landlord, Simon Cant, grabbed Dunford, Dunford dug his nails into hi and ripped his shirt — all the while, being abusive and threatening to kill him and smash up the pub.

Dunford also kicked a police van.

At Wetherspoons pub, Ryde, on September 21, Dunford got into an 'altercation' with a man. Police were called about Dunford leaving, armed with a knife.

Officers found him on Ryde Esplanade and, from his sleeve, Dunford discarded the 10" kitchen blade and was arrested, admitting he had it on him.

Regarding the harassment of Mr Toogood, between September 25-29, Dunford posted offensive accusations against him on the Island Echo website, under the name David Collins.

Dunford also sent the web editor threatening messages, with one saying: "You're being watched," which left him fearing for his safety and property.

For Dunford, 43, Jason Halsey said his client's offending took place over the three-week period, after he had stopped taking anti-psychotic medication and began drinking, over custody issues with his children

"It was a toxic cocktail of poor    





SERIAL offender who committed a string of burglaries in an Isle of Wight town last year, armed with a knife, was handed a hefty jail term.

This lunchtime (Thursday), David Dunford, of Thornton Manor Drive, Ryde, was imprisoned for 28 months by judge, Recorder Malcolm Gibney, at the Isle of Wight Crown Court.

On February 8, two months before going on trial, Dunford admitted to four non-dwelling burglaries, possessing a knife, going equipped for burglary, causing criminal damage and assaulting a police officer, in Ryde, on September 24 last year.

The 43-year-old also admitted possessing a 6in kitchen knife, in Ryde, on October 14 last year.

Regarding the September 24 offending, Dunford initially targeted the Royal Victoria Arcade, in Union Street.

Dunford forced his way into Ani's Collectables and stole £842 worth of teddy bears and figurines, then entered Clutterbox and stole up to £1,500 worth of items, which comprised mainly jewellery and medals, said Claire Brocklebank, prosecuting. 

Dunford also stole £30 cash and a charity box from the Wight Horse shop.    

That night, Dunford, a former laminator, broke into Ryde fabricating company, Trucast.

Caught on CCTV, walking around the premises, going through lockers, Dunford caused £3,284.94 damage to an 'air lock' and 'high speed' door.

To make his escape, Dunford stole an employee's bicycle, then sprayed graffiti on a company van, with stars and a smiley face.

"I can't believe a man in his 40s could be so stupid and childish," the worker added.

Dunford was eventually arrested after he tried to evade officers.

Police recovered various items, with the value of price-tagged goods coming to £3,950.

Dunford made threats against officers, which included one to handcuff one with barbed wire.

On October 14, having been released on police bail, Dunford was found with a kitchen knife, which he claimed he was using for cooking.

Dunford, who had spent almost seven months remanded in custody, has a previous record of 35 court appearances for 103 offences.  

For Dunford, Holly Fagan said her client has multiple diagnosed mental health problems and did well after his children were taken into care, but rapidly went into decline after taking himself off his medication.

Dunford, also convicted of harassing Island Echo editor Darren Toogood on Facebook, has since expressed remorse.

Isle of Wight County Press: David DunfordDavid Dunford (Image: Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary)