Vectis Radio, an award-winning Isle of Wight community station, is looking for more team members.

The station offers a variety of exciting roles, the foremost being presenter or co-host.

These parts will allow enthusiasts to share their passion alongside experienced broadcasters, with roles available for those aged 16+. Full training is given on station systems. For those less keen on hosting a show, there are positions within the news team, including voice over and production.

Some of these roles can be fulfilled from home, with equipment support available if required.

Other behind-the-scenes opportunities include technical work, DIY, station upkeep, social media management, and outdoor broadcast team support.

Station manager, Ian Mac said: "Vectis Radio has gone from strength-to strength since it launched in 2010 and we've had a huge number of people helping us make that journey.

"There are some amazing things in the pipeline for the station so we need to bolster that team, not only to replace those who have moved on, but to expand what we do and spread the load more evenly. Join us and make a difference at Vectis Radio."

Specifically, anyone with the ability to tow a small caravan will be highly valued. Additionally, help with event organisation and grant application for the station's essential fundraising efforts is needed.

To apply, email