A number of applications to maintain and, in some cases, fell trees are among Isle of Wight planning documents recently lodged with the Isle of Wight Council.

In America Wood, Godshill Road, Shanklin, two common ash trees, two small sweet chestnut, a small oak and three stemmed sweet chestnut could be felled, if permission is granted. Some of the trees are covered by a tree preservation order (TPO). The ash trees are diseased, says the applicant, while the oak and sweet chestnut are 'interlocked' and 'lean over the garden posing risk to third party land' and must be treated together. The stemmed sweet chestnuts have dead bark and 'significant dieback' raising 'high risk of failure of main stems into neighbouring land,' say documents. Find the plans at 24/00554/TW.

Plans to remove a cedar tree, which is covered by a TPO, on Newport's Miller Close, say it is feared to be 'considerably compromised' and at risk of 'catastrophic failure'. Search for 24/00581/TW.

In Cowes, there is a request to prune back a fig tree by 30 per cent, in a garden on Sun Hill, listed as 24/00571/TW.

At Coombe Park in Wroxall, there is an application to pollard a lime tree. This is a process designed to encourage new growth by cutting off branches at the top of the tree. The tree is also covered by a TPO and can be found at 24/00569/TW. 

Finally, in Newport, there are plans to pollard, reduce and maintain two copper beech trees and a holly tree, at Watergate Road. More detail at 24/00272/TW.