THE Island teenager found guilty of terrorism offences, which included plans to launch an attack on the Isle of Wight Festival, has been jailed.

The boy, who appeared before a jury at Kingston Crown Court in January, was found guilty on three counts of disseminating terrorist publications, engaging in conduct in the preparation of terrorist acts and possessing a bladed article in a public place, between June 18 and July 11 in 2022.

The material the 16-year-old from Cowes was accused of sending included links to extremist videos, which included beheadings.

Today (Monday), the youth was detained for seven years at Kingston Crown Court.

During the trial, the jury was told the boy researched potential targets to attack, including the Isle of Wight Festival in June 2022, together with weapons, vehicles, stab vests and other items.

After discarding the festival as a target because he could not drive, nor had a vehicle, the teenager went on to draw up plans to stab people.

The teen, aged 15 at the time, was arrested in Ryde on July 11, 2022, then charged under Section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006 — came to the attention of counter-terrorism police as a result of information being shared with them by the FBI. 

He was diagnosed with autism and became increasingly more radicalised after he converted to Islam in 2021.

When arrested the boy was found with a knife and notes that contained information relating to his plan. 

He also shared terrorist publications with others online, the ideology of which was influenced by Daesh.  

The information shared related to concerns that someone in the UK, using a suspicious username on online platform, Discord, had been planning an attack on July 11, 2022.