An Isle of Wight man has been fined after a package of drugs he bought on Snapchat for £90 was seized at a Royal Mail sorting office.

Matthew Johnson, of Sandown Road, Lake, pleaded guilty to possession of a class C controlled drug at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on Friday, April 5.

Lauren Stone, prosecuting, said a package addressed to the 30-year-old’s home was seized at the Royal Mail sorting office in Sandown on February 16.

Ms Stone told the court the manager found 100 Alprazolam (Xanax) tablets inside the package, a drug which is only legal if prescribed.

Johnson bought the drugs through Snapchat for £90, and the court heard he later told police they were for his own personal use, and he takes 15 a day.

Oscar Vincent, defending, said his client struggles with 'mental health and substance abuse issues' and described the offence as ‘unsophisticated’.

Mr Vincent told the court Johnson fully co-operated with police after being invited to attend an interview, where he voluntarily admitted the crime and gave a full account.

“It is embarrassing and upsetting for Mr Johnson to come to court today,” Mr Vincent told magistrates, “but he wanted me to reassure you this will be the first and last time you will see him in court.”

Johnson was handed a £40 fine and must pay £85 in costs and a £16 surcharge.