The Isle of Wight Crufts Association celebrated a LITTER-al host of winners at Crufts, this year.

They were:

  • Roughshoot Red Red Wine of Solencia - 4th Puppy Dog
  • Roughshoot Heaven Sent of Solencia JW - 2nd Limit Dog. Hungarian Vizslas owned by Mr, Mr and Miss Rackett & Wilcox 
  • Clamerkin Tawny Emperor - 2nd Minor Puppy Dog. Clamerkin Painted Lady - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch. Lagotto Romagnolos owned and bred by Mrs Drake
  • Sharbae Prettiest Star - 2nd Veteran Bitch. Chesapeake Bay Retriever owned and bred by Mrs Baxandall
  • Cooleela Operation Dynamo Wightroche - 3rd Limit Dog 
  • Wightroche The Bee JW - 3rd Post Graduate Bitch. Cocker Spaniel, owned and bred by Ms Blackley and Mr Salero
  • Delsaux Strawberry Fields - 5th Limit Bitch. Long Haired Dachshund, owned by Mrs Legg
  • Dinkidax Midnite Charmer - 1st Veteran Dog and 1st Special Beginner Dog. Miniature Long Haired Dachshund, owned by Miss Hall and Mr Osborne 
  • Berm Ch. Barbey Hector at Dragonsmoon - 5th Veteran Dog. Saluki, owned by Mrs Havercroft 
  • Diamond Crown - 1st Post Graduate Bitch. Welsh Terrier, owned by Miss Davies 
  • Wizabeanie One Banana - 3rd Post Graduate Dog
  • Wizabeanie Kuiil - 2nd Open Dog. Affenpinscher’s owned & bred by Miss Mitchard 
  • Carycares Dee Dee at Tidemill - 1st Junior Bitch. Wizabeanie Cara Dune at Tidemill - 5th Limit Bitch. Affenpinschers, owned by Mr & Mr Marsh & Purse
  • Donocielo Seraphina - 1st Veteran Bitch, Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran in Breed 
  • Donocielo Mattia - 2nd Junior Dog 
  • Donocielo Michelangelo - 2nd Open Dog. Bolognese, owned and bred by Mr & Mrs Mulligan 
  • Aki Kaori of Spiritisle - 5th Limit Bitch. Japanese Chin, owned by Mrs Cushing 
  • Magic Sunrise Imperator (imp LVA) - 2nd Post Graduate Dog.  Papillon, owned by Mrs Quinn 
  • Keriquel Heart & South - 1st Yearling Bitch. Siberian Husky, owned by Mrs Platt 
  • Meanwhile, dachshunds Todd and Sybil appeared on hound and terrier day at the biggest dog show in the world, at Birmingham’s NEC.
  • Co-owned by Louise Rippon and Charlotte Ratsey-Woodroffe, Sybil, 15 months and a home-bred miniature dachshund, didn't place but performed beautifully.

Todd, 2, originally from Bulgaria, came third of six, in the post graduate dog category.

Isle of Wight County Press: Todd the Dachshund, with co-owners Louise Rippon and Charlotte Ratsey-Woodroffe.Todd the Dachshund, with co-owners Louise Rippon and Charlotte Ratsey-Woodroffe. (Image: Contributed)