Andy Owens, Halifax, West Yorkshire:

I wondered if any of your readers could help me solve a mystery? 

I came across a news report from the Sunday Express on February 5, 1984, which stated how Derek Steedman, who ran a farm in Chillerton on the Isle of Wight, went to check on his 12 Hereford calves in his barn in January 1984, and found a 13th animal in amongst the herd. 

It was described as a small white bull calf, identified as a Charolais crossbreed, and no more than a fortnight old. 

Mr Steedman told the journalist: "It had no ear tags or markings to identify it, and despite much publicity no-one came forward to claim it."

It was later featured in the book Modern Mysteries of Britain (Grafton Books, 1987), by Janet and Colin Bord, and the authors contacted Mr Steedman in November of the same year to check the facts.

Mr Steedman told them: "The sudden appearance of the calf remains a mystery, despite repeated attempts to ascertain its origin. It has now taken its place as the only white beast amongst the rest of the herd on my farm." 

Sadly, I discovered that Derek Steedman passed away a few years ago, and although I wrote to his family, to ask if the mystery had ever been solved, I received no reply. 

If any of your members could help me throw any light on this mystery, I would greatly appreciate it. 

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