An Isle of Wight nursing home helped a resident celebrate her 100th birthday.

Betty Hale was born on April 1, 1924, in Essex, and was then Betty Fenton.

She lived with her mum and dad and two sisters until she married.

During the Second World War, Betty worked in an armaments factory, producing ball bearings for the military war effort.

After the war, Betty married her soldier pen pal of many years, Frederick Henry Hale.

They had two daughters, Frances and Doreen.

Betty now has several grandchildren, eight great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren.

When Betty was younger, she worked in service, and worked in the kitchens of a large country house, serving a very high society family of the time.

In later years she had many occupations ranging from factory work, optician's assistant, waitress and shop work.

After Betty was widowed, she lived alone for many years in the family home in Witham Essex.

Betty always loved the Island, visiting many times in earlier years, and decided to move here for a more relaxed way of life.

When she felt she couldn’t live on her own any more she moved in with her daughter Doreen.

They enjoyed many years together and enjoyed visiting places such as Cheddar Gorge, France, and London theatres.

Eventually Betty needed residential care due to a diagnosis of dementia, and following a stroke, needed nursing care, so she moved to Inglefield Nursing Home in Totland.