An Isle of Wight village has been named among the poshest places in the UK.

Research provided by Savills, and compiled by Telegraph Money, looked at the highest house prices, best lifestyle amenities, connectivity and aesthetic appeal of villages across Britain.

With an average house price of £552,622, Fishbourne is one of 48 to feature on the list.

So what gives Fishbourne the 'posh appeal?'

According to the newspaper, there are a number of reasons why the Island village is considered posh.

With sailing at Royal Victoria Yacht Club, 'easy access to Portsmouth and idyllic beaches', home buyers are increasingly heading for places like Fishbourne, the paper said.

The Telegraph said: "The Isle of Wight saw a mini property boom as a result of the pandemic when Britons looked closer to home for an escape to the beach.

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"While the Island still experiences a swell of summer tourists, home-buyers who can work flexibly and love to sail are increasingly heading for villages like Fishbourne.

"On the banks of the Wootton Creek, by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and with the car ferry to Portsmouth providing easy access to the mainland, it’s easy to see why."

What is in Fishbourne?

As well as the yacht club, the car ferry and a beach, other places of interest include the pub, The Fishbourne Inn.

It is situated next to the ferry terminal and offers a last stop for those waiting to catch the boat.

A short walk away is also Quarr Abbey – the monastery and popular tourist attraction.

Fishbourne also featured on the Telegraph's list in 2022.