Free Food in Sandown, founded by Dott Perrett, has received a High Sheriff's Award from High Sheriff Dawn Haig-Thomas.

The Sandown-based charity secured the award recognising its substantial contributions to alleviating poverty and crisis within the local community.

Established in 2019, the charity initially operated from Sandown Railway Station before permanent settlement on Lake High Street and has four trustees and 12 volunteers.

It mainly provides food for those in poverty and in crisis, which includes a free-food stand at its charity shop/café in Lake, home-cooked meals for £1, and emergency supplies of packet and tinned products. Crisis boxes are also available.

The charity also hosts a weekly welcoming environment that features a buffet dinner for just £2.

"We are incredibly honoured and humbled by this recognition," said Dott Perrett. "This award is for every volunteer, donor, and partner who has been a part of our journey. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of those who need it the most."

High Sheriff Dawn Haig-Thomas said: "In my year as High Sheriff, I've been lucky enough to meet many of our unsung community heroes. Dott Perrett, the founder of Free Food in Sandown, is one such person."