On March 27th, the 6th formers at Cowes Enterprise College embarked on a school trip to Bournemouth University for a UCAS open day.

This experience is perfect for 6th formers who still need a little bit of extra information to help them decide what path they want to take after completing their A-Levels. 

The students and teachers left Cowes at 9 in the morning, with students split between two coaches. 

The students made sure that they were ready for the 2-hour journey to the University by bringing a packed lunch and any extra materials that they might need. They started off with taking the car ferry in the rain and then a shorter coach journey after that.

Multiple schools from around the UK, as well as the Island, such as Ryde Private, had traveled down to Bournemouth to give their students an opportunity to experience what a Uni campus looks like, as well as ask questions regarding what university life looks like.

The students could also ask the universities questions like what types of grades they would be expected to achieve to get into their dream university and/or their dream university course. 

UCAS at Bournemouth held over 100 pop up stalls for the Universities to show students that they are an option to consider when thinking about continuing their studies.

“The UCAS fair showed me how many different courses and Unis are out there, and all the different options. It definitely enabled me to narrow down my options and create a clearer plan for the future,” as said by a Cowes Enterprise Student. 

The stalls also offered students free pamphlets with extensive written information on that specific university, as well as a few tote bags with the Uni’s name on them for the students to take home and use. 

Overall, the day was quite a success for aspiring Uni students. Many Universities gave students really important information to help them to pick a place that will impact their future life experiences and opportunities.