AN ISLE of Wight drug driver reversed into a police car outside his own home.

Daryl Gray, of McKeown Close, Barton, appeared before Isle of Wight magistrates on Friday, March 22.

The 59-year-old admitted drug driving in Newport, on October 13 of last year.

Prosecutor, Liz Miller, said police had been parked on the road attending an incident at a nearby address when they saw a Ford transit van reversing.

She said its driver, Gray, failed to see another vehicle parked on the road and reversed straight into it.

He registered a reading of six for cannabis when the specified limit is two.

Jim Osborne, defending, said Gray was an ex-HGV driver.

He was involved in an accident in 1998 which left him with an injured wrist, and he used cannabis to relieve the pain.

Mr Osborne said the vehicle Gray hit was an unmarked police car which was parked in the middle of the road outside his home.

The court heard Gray had been unemployed since Covid, didn’t claim benefits, and lived in a caravan, relying on friends and family to feed him.

Gray was fined £120 and disqualified from driving for 14 months.

He was ordered to pay costs of £50 and a £48 surcharge.