An Isle of Wight man has been fined after being caught in possession of cocaine and cannabis, which he uses to help his ADHD and autism, a court heard.

Norton Downer, of Madeira Lane, Freshwater, pleaded guilty to three charges, two for possession of cocaine and another for possession of cannabis, and was sentenced at the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on Friday, March 15.

Lauren Stone, prosecuting, said the 46-year-old was arrested twice for unrelated matters on February 27 and March 9, and a “small quantity” of drugs was found on him each time.

During the first search, cocaine was found inside Downer’s wallet, and for the second, officers found cocaine and cannabis after Downer became agitated during his arrest, said Ms Stone.

Downer has nine previous convictions for 21 offences, with the February 27 and March 9 offences in breach of a two-year suspended sentence, after being found guilty of dangerous driving and assault on an emergency worker following a crown court trial on March 6 last year.

Oscar Vincent, defending, said his client only used the illegal substances to self-medicate for ADHD and autism.

Mr Vincent told the court Downer is unemployed, due to be signed off medically from work.

Magistrates told Downer he must pay a £120 fine, £85 in costs and a £48 surcharge.