An Isle of Wight man has avoided an immediate jail sentence after a police search found four knives, cocaine and cannabis inside his car.

Brendan Frampton, of Embankment Road, Bembridge, previously pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and cocaine and four charges of possessing a knife or sharp-pointed article in a public place.

The 48-year-old attended the Isle of Wight Magistrates’ Court on Friday, March 15, for sentencing.

Lauren Stone, prosecuting, said police were alerted to reports that Frampton was sitting inside a car on the Red Funnel ferry smoking a joint of cannabis on January 14.

She said the same car was later spotted by officers on Whippingham Road, and a police search found four knives – namely a kitchen knife and multi-tools with folding blades.

Ms Stone told the court cocaine and cannabis were also found inside the vehicle.

Henry Farley, defending, said his client has never had any kind of convictions and had never been in any sort of trouble with the law.

Mr Farley said, at the time of the offences, it was a very ‘difficult and stressy time’ for Frampton, but the drugs were out of character.

Court heard that Frampton had owned the same car for 14 years, and it was owed a ‘good clear out’.

Mr Farley told the court the kitchen knife was in Frampton’s car because he had previously used it to cut down some Little Trees air fresheners, and the others, he didn’t know were illegal, having bought them from DIY retailers.

Frampton “never had any intention of ever brandishing the knives and cause any excitement or trouble,” Mr Farley told magistrates, “I hope you don’t see this an aggravating factor, that there were several weapons, after all, one only has two hands.”

Magistrates told Frampton the incident was “naivety rather than anything else,” and handed him a three-month custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Frampton must also pay a £154 surcharge and £85 in costs.

As Frampton headed to the court exit, magistrates said: “Clear out your glovebox,” to which he replied: “I certainly will. Lesson learnt!”