A large landslip has led to the closure of an Isle of Wight beach, as walkers report cracks and holes as deep as 40ft appearing in the clifftop above.

The Isle of Wight Council is reminding Islanders to be 'extra vigilant', with further coastal erosion likely.

In videos sent to the County Press by Islander Glenn Martin, large cracks can be seen on the popular coastal path at Atherfield Point, off Military Road.

Glenn, a keen fossil hunter who walks his dog along the route three times a week, said a section of the cliff - which he estimates to be around 50m long and 7m wide - is on the verge of collapse.

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He said: "Sections tend to peel off then break up over winter, however this winter the erosion has been exceptional.

"It's right on the path so caution is needed in this area now."

Access to the beach at Atherfield Point has been shut for a few months, the council said.

But last week the authority said it had to reposition the closed signs and barriers  after a large landslip.

Reacting to news of cracks appearing in the clifftop, a spokesperson said: "We will inspect again to see if it has worsened and will of course reposition closed signs and barriers if required for public safety."

Although weather appears to be improving, the council said landslips and coastal erosion is very likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

It is reminding people to be extra vigilant when on the coast, whether it be walking along cliff paths or on the beach beneath.

Isle of Wight County Press: A large hole in the clifftop at Atherfield Point.A large hole in the clifftop at Atherfield Point. (Image: Glenn Martin)

The recent landslip comes at a time when the future of the Island's iconic Military Road, which runs next to Atherfield Point, is in question.

There are warnings it could fall into the sea within years, but there have been calls to safeguard the route.

Elsewhere on the Island, there have been large falls in St Lawrence, and in December, a landslip in Bonchurch led to the closure of Leeson Road and left a cafe teetering on the edge.