'Dangerous structure: keep out' signs have appeared on the gates of landslip-hit properties in St Lawrence on the Isle of Wight.

Following a landslide over the weekend, homes and driveways have sunk even further.

Land below Undercliff Drive, near Ventnor, is believed to have first moved overnight on Friday into Saturday.

It's thought there has been further movement since, with 'keep out' signs now appearing at the front of three properties along Hunts Road.

At least one home on Old Park Road has also been affected.

The path to the woods, which is accessible from the end of Hunts Road, has also been closed.

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Isle of Wight County Press: Cracks on Old Park Road.Cracks on Old Park Road. (Image: IWCP)

Isle of Wight County Press: Repairs to an underground power cable on Hunts Road.Repairs to an underground power cable on Hunts Road. (Image: IWCP)

On Saturday, engineers from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) were on site at Hunts Road to repair an underground power line.

A road closure remains in place on Old Park Road.

The two affected roads fall below Undercliff Drive where, nearly ten years ago, a major collapse occurred, shutting the road.

Council leader, Cllr Phil Jordan, said the recent movement in the area emphasises why fully reopening the road would be too great a risk.

He said: "To add to the wider issues we face, a landslip has occurred just below the site of the Undercliff Drive and near to the area the most recent Undercliff Drive landslip occurred around 10 years ago.

"This has affected numbers of properties and the roads badly and demonstrate that any idea of re-building the Undercliff Drive would be at a risk simply too great to undertake or contemplate even."

Following the St Lawrence landslip, the Isle of Wight Council said officers visited the area and were supporting affected residents.

The council’s building control team were also on site to inspect affected properties and advised residents.

A council spokesperson said: "Further surveys and monitoring will be undertaken on Monday. 

"At this time, private road closures and rights of way closures are in place. 

Isle of Wight County Press: Closure to woodland footpath.Closure to woodland footpath. (Image: IWCP)

Isle of Wight County Press:

"We do advise that drivers and walkers stay away from the affected area and respect closure signs and diversions. 

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"The land movement is contained within private property."

The most recent landslip follows a series of landslides along the Undercliff - the most devastating being one in Bonchurch in December.

A road also had to be closed in Ventnor last month, after rocks fell at the rear of a property.