Aspects of a major housing development in a rural Isle of Wight village has been called 'bonkers', but was given the go-ahead last night (Tuesday).

Isle of Wight Cllr Matt Price said it was "absolutely crazy" to consider the application for Shalfleet because it would encourage more parents to use their cars during drop-off and pick-up times.

Concerns had been raised about the lack of path between the proposed 70 new houses at Burt Close and Shalfleet Primary School - 700 metres down the road.

There were also complaints about affordability, sustainability and claims it would dramatically change the village's character.

The Isle of Wight Council's planning committee was split on the proposal from The Warlands Partnership, with four votes in favour and four against.

The decision rested with Cllr Warren Drew who, as chair, typically abstains.

His casting vote was made in favour of the application.

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Of the 70 houses, 27 would be dubbed as affordable, with Cllr Geoff Brodie successfully adding a condition that would make 70 per cent of the affordable properties rented.

Cllr Brodie said the demand for the scheme is overwhelming and the Island has an "obscenely long" housing needs register.

On the matter of a safe route to school, officers said walking along the main road's grass verge was unsafe, particularly with the speed of traffic, but revealed there had been issues securing land for a path.

The developer has agreed to contribute £70,000 to the council's public rights of way team, with the aim of improving the pedestrian links, if they can be agreed in the future.