An Isle of Wight primary school has told parents it has made the 'unavoidable' decision to reduce its teaching team and, in some cases, increase class sizes.

Lanesend Primary in Cowes has said 'tough' choices have had to be taken as the school looks to make savings and overcome a 'large' financial deficit.

Inflation, a decline in pupil numbers and increased staffing costs are being blamed.

Since joining last September, headteacher Vickie Sutton has been leading a restructure of the school.

This concluded last term and involved a consultation with staff and unions before Christmas.

A letter to parents confirmed this has now been finalised and a decision has been made to reduce staffing numbers.

In some cases, there will also be fewer classes, each containing more pupils than before.

Currently, most year groups at the Love Lane school have three classes with around 20 or fewer pupils but this will be reduced to two classes with a maximum of 30 students.

In a letter to parents, Mrs Sutton said: "Continuing with the current structure is not possible and a reduction in our teaching team has been unavoidable.

"We understand that this news may cause some apprehension.

"However, I want to assure you that the entire team at Lanesend Primary School remains resolutely committed to providing your children with wonderful, rich learning experiences which go beyond the national curriculum."

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The letter added that the school intends to keep its 'high ratio' of support staff.

Earlier this month, Mrs Sutton told the County Press the restructure was not connected to the school joining the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust (DCAT).

She said parents will be informed of teachers and classes for September, in June.