An Isle of Wight hotel, overlooking the sea, which had been 'deteriorating for years' will be knocked down to make way for houses.

The Isle of Wight Council has granted permission for the Sandown Manor Hotel, on Yaverland Road, to be demolished and four houses built in its place.

In information submitted to the council, owners Carlo and Sarah Valvona said they struggle to keep the hotel afloat following Covid and have significant repair costs, estimated to be topping £600,000.

The planning authority has recognised a lack of profit means the business cannot support investment in the hotel building and is not currently providing a "high-quality tourism offer nor likely to do so in the future given its poor condition."

Officers have said in their decision report, there would be minimal negative impact on the Island's tourism economy, but there is a modest positive benefit of providing housing.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Proposals have the support of Sandown North's Cllr Debbie Andre who said the hotel forms a visible part of the skyline at the Yaverland end of Sandown Bay.

She said the building had deteriorated over the years and did not enhance the area or add anything of heritage value.

Isle of Wight County Press:

Five residents supported the plans saying the hotel was currently not attractive, in need of replacement and it is an unviable business.

The approval has been granted subject to 14 conditions and includes work having to start within three years; parking spaces need to be in place before the houses can be lived in and construction of three houses cannot begin until the vehicle access has been widened.

The authority had previously refused plans to build six houses on the site in 2021.