Public toilets at a popular Isle of Wight beach could be replaced by state-of-the-art but pay-to-use facilities.

Currently, the toilets at Yaverland, in the public car park are free.

In new plans from Sandown Town Council, approved at its meeting earlier this week, members agreed to get a loan to provide new facilities at the popular site, opposite the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary.

The town council has recently agreed to increase the fees to use public toilets in Sandown to 50p all year round, instead of falling to 20p in the winter.

In its budget for the next financial year the town council has included the provision for a £250,000 Public Works Board Loan to replace the Yaverland toilets.

It would be repaid over 12 years, with repayments costing around £27,000 a year.

The council agreed to provide the facilities through a new unit — similar those it recently opened at Eastern Gardens, further round the Bay, but with a different façade.

A spokesperson for the town council said they hoped they could be installed and operational in time for summer 2025.

The toilets would be provided by Danfo with one disabled cubicle and three standard unisex ones, with two external showers.

Other work is still required before the toilets can be installed, including design specifications and securing planning permission.