Richard Kent, Newport:

Yet again this week, on Monday, February 12, Red Funnel failed their customers.

After a long weekend away working I left home to catch the 6.40am Red Jet from Cowes.

As I pulled into the car park in Cowes I got the now routine message that the 6.40am service has been cancelled.

Now ANOTHER hour sit and wait for the next boat. Another hour late for work.

What are Red Funnel playing at?

Since the return to work on January 2, following the Christmas holidays, the service has been shoddy and left wanting!

There are people reliant on these ferries who have lost hundreds pushing thousands from their salaries because they have been late for work almost every day since January 2. 

The response we get from Red Funnel is non existent.

I imagine this too will go unanswered.

As a low paid civil servant I pay over a quarter of my salary a month for a service that is all bar non existent!

Do Red Funnel not care about their customers?

They take our money and leave us stranded.

Shame on you Red Funnel! It's about time you either commit to providing the service we pay for or let someone take over who can!

Very angry and very frustrated.