An Isle of Wight man was volatile and aggressive to police, and spat all over the inside of a police van.

Robert Williams admitted two charges of assaulting an emergency worker, namely police officers, by beating and causing criminal damage to a police van, in Newport, on January 13, when he appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court.

Police were called to Williams's home in Beauchamp Road, Newport, following the report of a disturbance there.

On their arrival officers said Williams, 35, was "very volatile and aggressive" towards them — pushing both officers to prevent access to the house, said Liz Miller, prosecuting.

Williams was subsequently arrested and, while in the police van on his way to Newport Police Station, he spat continuously, which caused £80 damage to the vehicle's interior.

Williams also admitted to shoplifting £350 worth of cosmetics — Gucci and Hugo Boss items — from Boots in Newport, on November 25 last year.

For Williams, Oscar Vincent said his client had high levels of anxiety and stress on January 13.

Williams, who told officers "there was no need to be there", pushed with an open palm, which caused neither officer pain. 

Due to the distressed state he was in being handcuffed, Williams's mouth was full of saliva in the van, Mr Vincent added.

Williams was fined £280, with orders to pay £80 for the damage and £350 to Boots.